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Courthouse Consulting

Fentress has provided services to nearly 1,000 court facilities across every state in the nation.

Facility Planning and Analysis | Fentress Incorporated

Space & Cost Saving Strategies

Our savings strategies have reduced real property expenditures by millions of dollars.


Real Property Consulting

Our award-winning services have enabled clients to improve real property programs.


Worked in Over 1,500 Facilities Throughout the Nation

Fentress Covers the Country

We have assisted our clients in justifying project needs and acquiring over three billion dollars in funding for facility projects by providing a combination of architectural assessments supported by rigorous data analyses, and an expert understanding of the interrelationships between physical facilities and organizational missions. To learn more about our facility planning and analysis capabilities visit our services page.

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  • Fentress “Top Shot” Team Building
    Fentress “Top Shot” Team Building
    Sep 21, 2016

    [caption id="attachment_3336" align="alignright" width="300"]Archery Contest Archery Contest[/caption] This year's annual team building event was held in June at the beautiful family farm of one of our employees. We decided to go with a “top shot” theme and participated in archery, slingshot shooting, and air pistols.  We shot traditional targets, human silhouettes, and zombies. Afterwards, we had a crab feast and joked about preparing for the next Hunger Games!

  • Fentress Holiday Event
    Fentress Holiday Event
    Dec 07, 2015

    Fentress held its holiday event last Friday. We started our festivities at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel by touring the holiday displays and ice sculptures in ICE!  The temperature in the exhibit is kept at a frigid 9°F so participants are provided “stylish” blue coats to stay warm. After ICE!, our team had an excellent lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Restaurant. We all had a wonderful day that helped us get into the holiday spirit. [caption id="attachment_2932" align="alignright" width="320"]Fentress at ICE! Fentress attends ICE! holiday event.[/caption]

  • Presented at Tradeline’s 2015 Space Strategies Conference
    Presented at Tradeline’s 2015 Space Strategies Conference
    Nov 25, 2015

    [caption id="attachment_2854" align="alignright" width="170"]tradeline Tradeline's Space Strategies Conference[/caption] Keith Fentress and Alison Jones presented at the Tradeline 2015 Space Strategies Conference on November 16-17.  For the second year in a row, the Tradeline conference was a great experience - a well-run conference that included innovative speakers on the leading edge of space transition. This year, we presented on Space Reduction Initiatives and highlighted best practices that we have seen through our experience. We hope that attendees left with a better understanding of how to transition traditional offices to a more mobile and collaborative work environment.

  • Court Needs Assessment in New York
    Court Needs Assessment in New York
    Sep 01, 2015

    Fentress recently visited the Southern District of New York to assess existing facilities and project future space needs for federal courthouses in New York CDSC_0042ity (Manhattan), White Plains, and Poughkeepsie.  The original District of New York first held court in Manhattan in November 1789, the first court to sit under the new U.S. Constitution.  Court has been held continuously in New York City since that time.  The present-day Southern District of New York is one of the largest federal courts in the nation; it regularly handles high-profile trials involving well-known litigants, suspected terrorists, large corporations, and complex civil matters.  District Court proceedings are held in both the Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse and the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse, both located in the Foley Square complex in Lower Manhattan.  Completed in 1994, the Moynihan Courthouse serves as the District Court headquarters and is the second-largest federal courthouse in the nation.  The Marshall Courthouse was originally completed 1936 and recently underwent a major renovation (see below).  The Bankruptcy Court is located in the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, a National Historic Landmark originally completed in 1907 and located near the southern tip of Manhattan. Concurrent with our work in the Southern District of New York, Fentress is also assessing space needs for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. One of 12 federal appellate courts, the 2nd Circuit covers six judicial districts located in New York, Connecticut and Vermont.  The Circuit is headquartered in the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse in Manhattan.  The main hall of the Marshall Courthouse resembles the main hall of the U.S. Supreme Court, which architect Cass Gilbert designed at nearly the same time.  The Marshall Courthouse underwent a comprehensive renovation between 2006 and 2013, during which circuit operations were temporarily housed in the Moynihan Courthouse. The renovation included modernization of building systems and upgrades and restorations of the façade and numerous noteworthy interior spaces.

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  • Resistance to Change: The Open Office Space Transition Tug-Of-War
    Resistance to Change: The Open Office Space Transition Tug-Of-War
    Sep 22, 2016

    By Alison Jones, Lead Consultant Any manager overseeing a space transition project will have battle stories to share. There will be many different experiences, and many different outcomes. However, there is one common experience every manager going through the space transition process will share – dealing with ... Read more

  • You Don’t Need Judge Judy to Be the People’s Court
    You Don’t Need Judge Judy to Be the People’s Court
    Sep 15, 2016

    By Ted Prestogeorge, Senior Architectural Consultant The courthouse is, first and foremost, a symbol of the rule of law as the basic tenet of the American system of government. It also serves a more functional role as a day-to-day workplace for judges, attorneys, and support staff. But ... Read more

  • There is an App for That: 8 Great Apps for Remote Workers
    There is an App for That: 8 Great Apps for Remote Workers
    Sep 08, 2016

    Ron Seibel, IT Manager Most plans for mobile workplaces include technology packages with a variety of hardware options to support remote workers – laptops, tablets, cell phone headsets, and internet connectivity. However, the best technology is useless without applications that take full advantage of the speed and connectivity today’s ... Read more

  • Top Space Concerns: How Does Your Courthouse Measure Up? [Infographic]
    Top Space Concerns: How Does Your Courthouse Measure Up? [Infographic]
    Sep 02, 2016

    By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant The dedication and opening of a new courthouse is always an exciting and monumental event, filled with ceremony, speakers, and celebration. It’s also exceedingly rare. The average courthouse in the U.S. is over 50 years old and funding for new courthouse construction, especially within the ... Read more

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