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    Fentress assists real property organizations in a variety of areas, including organizational analysis, policy impact studies, and utilization analyses. We also help organizations with business process improvements and have performed numerous special studies on topics related to space and facilities.

    Organizational Assessment

    Our consultants are experienced in organizational development and change management for real property organizations.   One key service is assessing real property organizations to improve the organizational structure, staffing, policies, design standards, budgeting process, project prioritization, and technology. In performing our assessments, we make recommendations to improve business processes and mission effectiveness.

    Space Reduction

    We assist organizations in developing space and cost reduction strategies.  Such strategies include revising design standards, vacating existing space, implementing workstation sharing and mobility, and co-location strategies for offices in multiple facilities.  We also develop space-savings simulations and break-even analyses that compare the cost of space reduction projects with the anticipated savings in rent and associated expenses.

    Design Standards

    We develop design standards and guides to align space with organizational missions and goals.  Our standards cover traditional offices, as well as more open, collaborative, and mobile office settings.  We have standards for a variety of office, support, and special spaces, including workspace-sharing ratios.

    Rent Analysis

    We validate rent and security costs to ensure space is classified correctly and that the correct amount of rent is being charged.  We also perform portfolio rent analyses to track changes and to forecast the future cost of rent.


    Space Utilization Studies

    We help organizations calculate their space utilization rate and identify exemptions to create a more accurate utilization rate. We also assist in revising design standards and in developing space-sharing and mobility practices to lower utilization rates.

    Space Budget Analysis

    We analyze space and facilities budgets and expenditures to track expenses on projects and real property-related fees.