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About Us

    Who we are

    Fentress Incorporated was founded in 1988 with the goal of providing more integrated and innovative facility planning services. From this goal, we have developed a unique blend of architecture and analysis that is a hallmark of our company.  Fentress is composed of architects, analysts, IT professionals, and management consultants engaged in leading-edge workspace solutions for public and private real property organizations.  Our consultants hold advanced degrees in their disciplines and on average, have been with the company for over 17 years! As a small business, our focus is on developing close working relationships with our clients to understand their respective missions and working with them as a team to achieve their goals.

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    What We Do

    We perform pre-design and analytical studies to help identify, prioritize, and justify facility projects to secure funding. We also assist real property programs in becoming more effective by improving business processes.  Additionally, we help organizations transition from traditional office layouts to spaces that promote work activities through a more agile and mobile design.

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    Who We Serve

    We serve both public and private organizations that want to improve their space and facilities. Whether our clients have a single facility or an expansive portfolio, we have innovative solutions to help with planning, prioritizing, and justifying project needs. We also serve organizations seeking to improve the effectiveness of their real property programs.

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    What Sets Us Apart

    Fentress has been a progressive virtual company since our founding, with all employees teleworking from home offices. We have established a high level of professional service while achieving a healthy work-life balance.