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    Fentress develops custom IT applications and tools as part of our consulting services. We have developed dozens of tools that transform real property data into useful management information. Whether online or a desktop application, our tools are designed to be appealing, informative, and user-friendly.  

    Space Calculator

    Our IT professionals design space calculators for organizations with large facility portfolios. The calculators generate detailed space requirements by type of space, including workstations, collaborative and shared spaces, and special requirements.  The calculators ensure that space standards are applied consistently across a portfolio and save a substantial number of hours when performing space planning and programming.

    Integrated Design Evaluation Tool

    We have developed a tool to objectively evaluate schematic design options to determine the best design alternative. The evaluation tool considers image and aesthetics, functionality, security, building systems and operational requirements, technology, and design standards. Our goal is to help organizations effectively select the best design from competing alternatives presented during the bidding process. The tool can be used throughout the design phase all the way to post-occupancy to ensure that the design meets the goals of the project.

    Building Assessment Tool

    Our building assessment tools organize the data gathered during the evaluation of existing buildings and space. Our assessments typically include functionality, security, building condition, design standards, and technology. Once an assessment is completed, the tool scores buildings between zero and 100, with 100 representing an ideal facility. The tool is designed to be used on-site during an assessment and to manage the results across a portfolio of facilities. Helpful graphics and queries are provided to assist users in understanding project needs.

    Facility Demand Planning Tool

    Our demand planning tool is used to analyze trends that impact the need for space and facilities.  Such trends include policy and law changes, demographic and economic trends, and increasing workload and personnel.  Our demand planning tools help our clients to analyze, simulate, and understand the impact of trends on space needs.  

    Project Prioritization Tool

    When projects are identified across a portfolio of facilities, there are inevitably competing needs for funding. Fentress has developed an objective project scoring tool to prioritize projects by urgency of need. Our tool contains weighted factors that are tailored to each client based on mission criticality, risk, and urgency. Clients use the tool to determine top priority projects for funding and to run "what-if" scenarios across their facility inventory.

    Project Tracking Tool

    We develop custom project tracking applications to track the stages of a project from planning to completion. Our trackers present a dashboard summary of the status across all projects and contain document libraries for files and photos.