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    Telework Solutions

    Fentress helps organizations implement telework programs. We can help you determine who should be eligible for telework and provide guidance on how to transition your workforce to a remote work environment. Our telework services include a workforce analysis, communication plan, performance management plan, technology assessment, and telework implementation plan.

    Workforce Analysis

    We administer online surveys and conduct focus groups to determine perceptions about and readiness for telework. We assess which positions are suitable for telework, and how well the culture supports telework practices. This information is critical in setting up a telework plan. 

    Communication Plan

    We help leaders in the organization communicate telework plans and procedures to employees. A well-rounded communication plan includes in-person meetings, written notices, online resources, and an ongoing feedback loop. It is important that the communication plan is established as early in the planning process as possible, and that it be updated regularly.

    Performance Management Plan

    Managing a remote workforce brings a new set of challenges. While employees who telework can be just as productive as if they were in the office, it’s important for managers to set clear guidelines and learn how to evaluate performance effectively. We help take the guesswork out of this process to ensure that your organization sees results, no matter where the employee is located.  

    Technology Assessment

    We help make sure your organization has the right equipment and protocol to make technology work for you. From hardware to software and all the best practices related to remote data management, we help make sure teleworkers have the technology they need to succeed. We stay on the cutting edge of technology and best practices to make sure our clients stay on the cutting edge too.


    Telework Implementation Plan

    We help organizations craft a plan to roll out telework, from temporary telework arrangements to more permanent plans. It is vital to document key policy decisions related to expenses, time tracking, accessibility, responsiveness, and use of technology, to name a few. A comprehensive training program will help ensure that employees understand expectations and are equipped to perform their jobs effectively from their home offices.