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Courthouse Planning

We have worked in over 1000 court facilities, which has provided us with expert knowledge of best practices, design standards, and post-pandemic trends.

Hybrid Workplace Planning

We help government agencies and departments transition to hybrid workplaces through utilization analysis, space planning, conceptual design, and change management services.

Security Assessments

Our CPTED-certified team provides threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments of schools, public safety facilities, courthouses, and government office buildings.

Our services

We provide the following services
to both public and private sector clients.


We have performed planning and programming services for over 1,000 court facilities nationwide. We work with both architectural firms and courts to improve the design and functionality of courthouses.

Hybrid Workplace Planning
for Government

We team with government agencies and departments to plan space that supports their goals and mission.  We believe in an agile, flexible approach to space layouts and strive to engage the government workforce in the planning process.


We perform workplace security and risk assessments.  Our assessments analyze risk and threat, evaluate existing security, determine the gap in security needs, and provide recommendations to improve security and safety.


We help organizations develop effective telework strategies. We assist in transitioning your workforce, implementing productivity tools, and managing in a way that keeps teleworkers productive and connected.

Portfolio Planning
and Analysis

We perform facility needs assessments, identify space improvement strategies, and prioritize projects across a real property portfolio to help optimize facility performance. Our tools can accommodate a portfolio from one building to a nationwide inventory.

Real Property Studies
and Analysis

We evaluate the capabilities of real property organizations, develop recommendations, and implement business process improvements.  We also perform professional studies on a wide array of real property topics.

Custom Applications
and Tools

We develop custom applications for real property management and analysis. From advanced Excel spreadsheets to online applications, our custom apps and tools enable our clients to better understand and manage space and facilities.

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We provide services to clients in the public and private sectors.

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