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Telework Nation

Providing action plans for managers to implement effective and productive telework


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This website was created by Fentress Inc. to help organizations telework effectively through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Organizations implementing telework often experience challenges in managing remote workers, communicating effectively, and keeping employees engaged.

We understand telework challenges and can help you avoid the pitfalls that lead to problems with teleworker productivity and management feeling out of control.  We can help you achieve effective telework through three steps.



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STEP 1. Assess Your Telework Capabilities

We work with you through virtual meetings to gather information on your organization's culture and operations, existing telework policies, IT resources and needs, and anticipated telework challenges.


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Step 2. Perform Gap analysis

We perform a gap analysis of your most critical telework needs through addressing telework areas: productivity, technology, communications, training, policy, and strategic planning.

Step 3. Produce Telework Action Plan

We develop custom recommendations for improving telework, which are prioritized and placed into an action plan.  The goal of the plan is to provide you with clear direction on how to implement effective telework.



Home Office FrustrationsWe have many lessons learned and best practices to help you achieve effective telework. We have been teleworking ourselves for over 30 years and have helped implement two national mobility programs.  Let us guide you on the path to successful telework to help you avoid the pitfalls that can impact the health and performance of your organization.

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