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This website was created by Fentress Inc., a workspace solutions company, to help organizations telework effectively during the coronavirus crisis.  We have been teleworking for over 30 years and have worked on two national mobility programs.  We would like to pass along the lessons we have learned on how to be productive from home. 

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No one had a plan in place for how the workplace should respond to a crisis like the coronavirus outbreak.  We have all been asked to stay home as much as possible to promote social distancing.  Telework is one of the best ways to keep us focused and productive through this crisis.  Below are telework tips.
Stay Organized

1. Set up a dedicated space

Find a separate area that is relatively free of distractions. Ideally, a room that can be closed off for privacy and a place where you will enjoy spending time. Invest in a comfortable desk chair and consider simple design elements to personalize your space. If possible, include ample daylighting and plants to promote wellbeing.

2. Manage equipment and paperwork

Set up all necessary equipment and make it tidy. Invest in a storage cabinet for work papers and supplies. Keep work and home materials separate. Make sure your computer is secure. Clean up your area at the end of the work day.

3. Create a schedule

Establish office hours with a defined start and end time. Let family members know when you will be taking breaks (post the schedule in a prominent place). Consider working early or late hours to avoid interruptions. Do what you can to leave the work at the (home) office!

Stay focused

1. Minimize interruptions, especially if kids are home

Clearly communicate expectations and set boundaries with family members. Let them know when you’ll take breaks, and plan a daily routine for your kids. Close or place a sign on your door when you cannot be disturbed. Resist the urge to multi-task. Check personal messages only during breaks.

2.  Plan your breaks

Take regular (brief) breaks throughout the day. Go for a walk, get up and stretch, or spend a few minutes with family. Set a timer to work on a project for one hour before taking a five-minute break or follow the Pomodoro Technique. This helps you maximize your time in the productive flow state.

3. Be proactive

Communicate and reach out for support when needed. Remain engaged and connected to other professionals online. Stay in touch with coworkers via company communication channels.

Stay Healthy

1. Practice self-care

Stay on top of healthy eating, exercising, and sleep habits. Plan healthy snacks and beverages (including plenty of water). Introduce elements into your office that make you feel more healthy, such as an oil diffuser or standing desk. Keep moving, and find your zen!

2. Take steps to manage stress

Working from home can be a juggling act. Make sure you manage stress. Listen to music that will help you focus. Make a daily to-do list with short- and long-term tasks. Most importantly, manage your time effectively.

3. Enjoy having pets in the office

Pets can be wonderful home office companions, and playing with a pet can be a great way to take a break. Just be sure your pets are occupied during conference calls and videoconferences so they don’t crash your call.




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Need MORE Help Implementing Effective Telework?


Many organizations have been forced to telework due to the pandemic. These organizations have been teleworking "on-the-fly" during the crisis. However, many employers now feel that an expanded telework program will be part of the "new normal."

Our services help organizations set up effective telework through a three-step program. 

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STEP 1. Assess Your Telework Needs

We conduct an initial kick-off meeting via videoconference to orient key personnel. We then hold a series of virtual meetings with designated participants to gather information on your organization's culture and operations, existing telework policies, IT resources and needs, and anticipated telework challenges.


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Step 2. Determine Telework Readiness

Using our Telework Readiness Model (TRM), we take the information gathered during Step 1 and conduct an analysis of your organization’s most critical needs related to telework. These needs correspond to 7 telework criteria: policy, communication, technology, information handling, performance management, training, and strategic planning.

Step 3. Produce Telework Action Plan

Based on the TRM results, a tailored set of recommendations is developed to improve teleworking in your organization. These recommendations are prioritized and placed into an action plan.  The goal of the plan is to provide you with a clear direction on how to implement effective telework.


We understand how organizations can suffer when telework is not implemented effectively. Our goal is to guide you over the pitfalls that can occur when telework is rushed into practice.  We work with you to develop a custom action plan that will help you improve telework, enhance your remote management capabilities, and keep teleworkers engaged.  Let us help you stay home and stay productive.




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