Our dedicated and skilled employees are the reason Fentress has been so successful in the consulting business. We hire creative and talented people with exceptional skills, experience, and education and encourage them to nurture their skills through continued learning and growth in their disciplines. We believe in hard work, team spirit, and enthusiasm and we celebrate our efforts with company events throughout the year.

Who We Hire

An important component of Fentress is our highly skilled professional workforce. Our employees possess advanced degrees and often have years of experience in their disciplines. We value continuing education and ongoing training and encourage learning and growth in all areas. Because we are a virtual company, there are several traits that we value in our employees, including:

  • Teamwork — our virtual teams are the foundation to the success of our projects. Our employees must be able to work well with others and share in both the work efforts and camaraderie of our company.
  • Communication abilities — we truly value exceptional communication abilities. As a virtual company, our employees must continually use a variety of methods to communicate with other team members, their supervisors, and our clients. In addition, one of the hallmarks of our business is our ability to produce communicate very technical information through high quality written reports and extraordinary presentations to a diverse audience.
  • Independence — as a virtual company, we encourage regular communication but we also recognize that there are times when our employees are expected to work independently with little or no direction on assigned work efforts. Our employees are equally adept at working independently as they are on project teams.
  • Self-reliance — in addition to the ability to work independently, it is vital that each of our employees be self-reliant and possess a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. In a regular office setting, one needs only to walk down a corridor to obtain assistance. At Fentress, each employee is charged with ensuring that they are able to complete their work to the best of his or her ability with minimal supervision and assistance.