Model Space Reduction Strategies

Fentress Incorporated has developed an innovative Space Utilization Model (SUM) for organizations seeking to reduce space through implementing mobility programs or reducing the size of spaces in design standards. SUM generates space and cost calculations to estimate the quantity of space needed and the associated cost of downsizing space. In addition, the model calculates the return on investment to assist organizations in making funding decisions at the facility level or across a portfolio of facilities. The images below portray different features within SUM.

Features and Benefits

Space Calculator

SUM contains a space calculator to generate detailed space requirements, showing line item space needs for each organizational component. SUM is pre-loaded with a set of design standards for public and private spaces. In addition, SUM include standards for calculating mobile workspace, including low, moderate, and high levels of mobility. These initial standards can be modified to fit the specific needs of each organization.

Cost Calculator

Once the space is calculated, a benchmark cost estimate is generated. Three types of costs are calculated: construction, the one-time cost of occupancy, and the reoccurring cost of rent and related charges.

The space and cost calculators populate a dashboard that graphically presents a comparison between the existing space and the downsized space footprint.

The Break-Even Point and “What–If” Scenarios

SUM presents the savings versus expense calculations as a break-even point. This point is calculated when the expense to downsize the space is offset by the savings in rent.

Many organizations are under a directive to freeze space growth. The acquisition of new space must be offset by consolidating or disposing of existing space. SUM is an integral tool that enables organizations to run “what–if” scenarios on implementing strategies to downsize the space inventory.

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