Evaluate existing facilities and future demand, identify projects, and prioritize needs across portfolio.

A Strategic Portfolio Master Plan begins with an assessment of the client’s existing space inventory to determine whether facilities meet operational needs, comply with space and security requirements, and are properly maintained. The assessment evaluates current and future space needs, and identifies prospective projects to meet those needs. The needs are then prioritized and compiled into a portfolio-wide list that can be used to make decisions and justify funding for needed projects.

A Strategic Portfolio Master Plan addresses the following questions:

  • Does your organization collect and maintain data on its facilities?
  • How well do your facilities align with your mission?
  • Is your facility inventory “right-sized” for your mission needs?
  • What are the existing space conditions?
  • Are there any security or life-safety concerns?
  • What is the capacity of your existing space and how can it respond to an increase or decrease in demand?
  • What projects are needed to improve operations throughout your entire portfolio?
  • How can these projects be objectively prioritized according to urgency of need?
  • How can project funding be optimally allocated – locally, regionally, or nationally – to obtain the greatest “bang for the buck?”

Fentress excels at planning for space needs across a facility portfolio. Our process evaluates the current condition of your facilities and gauges how well they align with your organization’s mission. If your mission is expanding, contracting, or changing, we can guide you in “right-sizing” your space inventory to match organizational needs. This may require expansion, consolidation, realignment, or a combination of these strategies. We also work with you to devise a funding strategy that assigns the highest priority to those projects yielding the greatest benefit for the lowest cost.

Finally, our facility performance metrics enable you to objectively compare facility condition and performance across a wide range of attributes. These metrics will help you understand the condition of your space and develop a strategy for improving the space in an objectively measurable way. Whether your organization has a handful or hundreds of facilities, we can help you develop a master plan that presents project needs, estimates costs, and formulates a multi-year budget plan to improve your portfolio.

To provide this service, Fentress integrates the skills of architects, engineers, planners, economists, and IT professionals. Our multidisciplinary staff is uniquely suited for this work and has developed three national programs in partnership with our clients. Our unique blend of architectural and analytical services sets us apart, and enables our clients to objectively evaluate their facility portfolios and develop justifiable funding plans. Our national programs have resulted in over $3 billion in facility funding that has been used to cost-effectively improve operations.

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Strategic Portfolio Master Plan Projects