Fentress has provided services to space and facilities programs to develop new capabilities and improve performance. We have employees who specialize in organizational development and policy, and are skilled in performing management consulting services specifically for real property organizations. The following areas and questions highlight our services:

  1. Organizational Structure – Do you want your organization to perform more effectively and have cleaner lines of communication and coordination across the disciplines needed to deliver quality space?
  2. Staffing – Do you have the right number of staff and skill sets needed to run a successful program?
  3. Budget – Do you have the right procedures to prioritize projects, justify needs, estimate costs, and track expenses?
  4. Information Technology – Do you have the necessary infrastructure and tools to manage and report on data across your inventory of facilities?
  5. Project Delivery – Does your organization quickly deliver quality space?
  6. Space Standards – Do you have standards that provide space to enhance your mission, secure your facilities, and control costs?
  7. Policies – Do you have policies and metrics in place to effectively manage your program?

Our services enable you to establish a baseline across all or a portion of these seven areas. Next, we work with you to set performance-enhancing goals for your organization. These goals are accompanied by an implementation plan that will help you bridge the gap and achieve your goals. Finally, we can assist you as needed during implementation and/or monitor your progress.

Management Consulting Projects