Fentress provides a range of real property consulting services focusing on pre-design studies, assessments, policy papers, and analytical/IT models. Our services have been used on individual facilities as well as regional and national portfolios. A summary of our capabilities:

  • Organizational Evaluation – Fentress can assess your space and facilities organization to evaluate the structure, staffing, IT, budgeting, and project delivery process. In doing so, we make recommendations with an accompanying implementation plan to improve real property business processes.
  • Portfolio Master Plan – Fentress develops master plans that present the results of an assessment across an inventory of facilities. The assessment incorporates performance measures, which are used to identify the opportunities and constraints of facilities. The planning process determines the best use of existing space, forecasts future needs, and identifies projects, which are prioritized based on urgency of need. We can also optimize project lists ensuring our clients get the greatest improvement in their space portfolio for the best value.
  • Facility and Architectural Studies – Fentress has conducted numerous facility and architectural studies ranging from space programming to feasibility studies to design standards. We pride ourselves on producing professional reports that provide our clients with the necessary information to identify projects, support funding request, and enable better decision-making.
  • Statistical Analysis – Perhaps our greatest strength as a company is the ability to blend architectural and analytical services. In doing so, we have developed innovative statistical models and computer applications that help our clients better understand their facility inventory and needs. We perform thousands of demand forecasts each year to enhance facility planning efforts and develop simulation models to run “what-if” space impact scenarios. In addition, Fentress has developed numerous online facility surveys that provide insight into a variety of portfolio issues.
  • Policy Studies – Fentress has performed numerous policy studies with respect to assessing the impact of changes on facility needs and/or improving business processes.
  • Custom IT Applications – Our IT applications complement our real property services. We have developed applications to generate space needs, calculate benchmark cost estimates, perform breakeven analysis on the costs of consolidating space, and measure performance across a facility inventory. Our applications are user-friendly and are often accompanied by a management dashboard that presents meaningful analysis with appealing graphics and tables.

The above services present a cross-section of our ability to serve real property organizations. The quality of our services is unsurpassed. We have had clients win best practice awards for innovation in their real property programs. We take pride in seeing our clients achieve success.