Since our inception, Fentress has been a virtual company. Every employee works from his or her home office.

Fentress is a virtual company where all employees work from home offices. We are pleased with the success of our company structure and trust-based management philosophy; however, a virtual company is not right for everyone. It requires people that are self-motivated, have a strong work ethic, are technology savvy, and don’t mind missing the daily “social aspects” of the office. What is gained is a greater balance between work and home life, quiet production time, and the pleasure of working with self-motivated co-workers. Overall, we find that our virtual company increases job satisfaction and provides our clients with cost-effective services. Following are several key points on why Fentress thrives as a virtual company.

Balance between work and home life – The demands of an active home life and professional career can be challenging at times. We feel that a virtual company allows employees to be highly productive at work, while still having the time and energy to devote to personal pursuits. For example, eliminating the typical urban commute of up to several hours a day saves time and reduces stress. One study conducted by a national stress expert on London commuters found that the stress of commuting can be as demanding as that experienced by fighter pilots and riot police (stress was measured by heart rate and blood pressure). Thus, a virtual company saves time in our lives and can reduce stress.

Production time – Another positive aspect of the virtual company is the amount of available production time. Often, employees in traditional office environments are frustrated with the stream of interruptions, socializing, and endless meetings. Studies have shown that the average person gets three to four hours of productive work done each day in an office setting. This time is doubled in the virtual company; as a result, high productivity is a hallmark of Fentress.

Employee Satisfaction
– For the past several years, we have surveyed our employees on various aspects of job satisfaction and consistently receive excellent marks from our employees. Some of the comments include:

“Fentress does an excellent job of planning for its future and is proactive rather than reactive. It also hires excellent employees and provides ample opportunity to get to know them to mitigate the potential difficulties of a virtual structure.”

“I am happy to be part of a company that performs quality work and obviously values its employees. The company’s management is forward-looking, proactive, and conscientious, as evidenced by addressing head-on some of the challenges presented by a growing company.”

“This is a terrific company with an impressive group of dynamic and creative people. I feel lucky to be part of this team.”

We get asked a lot of questions about being a virtual company. While telecommuting has become more common in recent years, few companies are truly virtual, where every employee works from a home office. We’re proud of our unique company and are happy to share the answers to some of the questions we are often asked.

Questions Potential Employees Frequently Ask
Questions Potential Clients Frequently Ask