Space and facilities account for a substantial portion of government and business overhead. Fentress works with real property organizations to reduce space and related costs through the following:

  • Design Standards – Fentress often develops design standards for organizations to cut costs on the size of its space and facilities portfolio. In doing so, we have supported clients in successfully transitioning from enclosed, traditional office space to open offices with systems furniture and/or more progressive, collaborative offices with touchdown stations, café areas, quiet zones, etc. We have also automated these standards to generate accurate and consistent programs of requirements that present “best fit” housing strategy for facilities.
  • Mobile Workspace Strategies – Fentress develops mobile workforce strategies based on how work is performed by our clients. We possess the tools and techniques to help our clients determine what space layouts and arrangements enhance their work effort. We can show through our Space Utilization Model how telecommuting, workstation sharing, hoteling and other space saving strategies can reduce the space footprint, increase productivity, and save costs. We can also support the space transition effort through change management to help employees adjust to the cultural and business process changes that come with implementing workspace sharing.
  • Space Consolidation – Fentress has developed numerous studies and tools that support space consolidation efforts. Space consolidation is the process of reducing space needs through closure and/or the co-location of services. Our analytical tools can provide decision support to help your organization reduce space, lower costs, and better align facilities with mission demands and funding constraints.
  • Rent Validation – Rent validation is the process of ensuring that space is classified correctly and that your organization is being charged appropriately for its facilities. Fentress’ validation efforts have saved clients millions of dollars in identifying mis-classified space or inappropriate rent amounts. We have also conducted training programs on a national level to help clients become more aware of space classifications and rent costs.

Fentress has used the above methods to save our clients millions of dollars in space costs. We thoroughly believe it is possible to reduce the size of your space footprint, while still having the quantity and quality of space needed to successfully perform your mission.